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Hello <insert name here>!

You have located this website, possibly through my resume or from that crazy hobo in Times Square*. In either case welcome.

As you may be currently unaware, I am not the famous movie director, not that anyone has actually ever confused me for him. Rather I am a similarly named, and in no way related, game designer by trade. Although that is not my only area of expertise or interest, as I have also been schooled in Economics at Syracuse University (Bachelors,) and in interactive multimedia development at the Rochester Institute of Technology (Masters.)

Additionally I consider myself to be a bit of a writer. Having penned some material for a few video games I worked on as a designer, as well as from time to time writting for the medium of sequential arts most often in the internet comic format. However it is more likely for you to find examples of my work on my internet website for analytical articles** where I discuss interactive storytelling, elements of game design, and occasionally recipes for food.

As I write this from my observatory in Sunnyside, Queens I realize that I perhaps should invest in some curtains. Seeing as I am fairly close to the ground, and when I look at my window at people they tend to notice and look back at me. So I think I will go do that now.


*Not that hobo, the other one. No not him either. You know with the red hat? He has the bindle filled with rare hobo books about the Great Hobo Wars. Yes that one, exactly.

**Also known as a "blog."